Black Dog Ale

Brewed by Spanish Peaks Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado, Black Dog Ale purports itself to be an “English Style Amber Ale.” Beer Advocate calls it an “American Amber/Red Ale.” Format: 12-ounce bottle, drunk from a pilsner glass at Kiss Cafe in Ballard.

This beer pours a transparent orangey-amber with a 1-finger head. The head dimishes rapidly, leaving a thin collar of foam. and moderate lacing.

The aroma is of yeast and malt with sweet, sugary overtones. There is a faint citrus bouquet.

Up-front, pronounced bitterness caresses my palate, it’s quite a surprise given the back seat the hops take in the nose. The bitterness is dominant but still pleasant. At first, some lemony and sweet malty notes just barely playing supporting roles; however, the malt presence increases notably as the beer warms.

Generous mouthfeel, medium body and moderate carbonation. Overall a drinkable beer, even if the hoppiness is not quite as mild as claimed on the label.

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