All About Beer

All About Beer bears the subtitle “Celebrating the World of Beer Culture,” and it does that quite well. This issue (January 2008) has a guide to specialty beers and ciders, pointers on creating a home bar, and a winners list from the Great American Beer Festival, as well as the US Beer Tasting Championship winners.

There are some excellent feature articles in this issue, including one about how meat and beer seem made for each other. My favorite, however, is the one about green and organic brewers. This educational article highlights the difficulties of brewing 100-percent organic beer and discusses the challenges aspiring organic brewers will meet in the future, especially regarding organically grown hops.

I also enjoyed the Beer Travellers column about beer in Chicago, as well as Pull up a Stool, a brief interview with one of the founders of BridgePort Brewing in Portland, Oregon.

Based on this issue as well as my past experience with it, I can confidently tell you that All About Beer is an informative and entertaining magazine. I highly recommend picking it up at a local newsstand or subscribing.


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