Stub & Herb’s – "Your Grandpa Drank Here"

Stub & Herb’s has become one of my regular beer oases in Minneapolis. Formerly little more than a college students’ drinking bar, Stub & Herb’s changed course a few years back, in order to survive the addition of  Sally’s up the street. Under the direction of John, the bar manager, S & H became a purveyor of craft beers, and now has a reliable menu of rotating brews. For me, a visit to Stub & Herb’s always means that there are difficult decisions to be made.

S & H is apparently known for their burgers — I’ll have to let other people judge them on that score, since I’m still toeing the vegetarian line. What I can tell you is that they have the best fries I’ve had in the Cities, and maybe the best I’ve had anywhere. They’re made in-house, and are consistently fried to perfect golden crispness.

True to form, I rarely sit anywhere but the bar. The bartenders here know their beer pretty well, and seem to enjoy talking to clientele who are interested in beer, too. They’re happy to share descriptions and opinions of the beers, and generally free with the samples, too.

My one gripe about Stub & Herb’s, and this is an issue every time I visit, is the smell. They use a dishwashing detergent, or a sanitizer, or some other chemical agent, that has an overbearing, fruity, bubble-gum scent. It makes it very difficult to smell & taste the beers properly. Each time we’ve complained about it, we’ve been told that no one else has ever mentioned it — but I find that pretty hard to believe, because as soon as you open the door, that smell just smacks you in the face, almost as if it is trying to chase you out!

Despite the unpleasant, overpowering smell, I highly recommend trying out Stub & Herb’s when looking for good beer spots in the Twin Cities. You won’t be disappointed in the tap list, the bartenders, or the fries.

Stub & Herb’s
227 Oak St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414

(612) 379-1880

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