Schell’s 150th Anniversary ("Hopfenmalz")

Rating: Solid

This is the Schell’s Brewery 150th anniversary beer. They list it at 5.8% ABV, and say it combines “the elegant drinkability of a Pilsner, the bready maltiness of a Vienna Lager, and the hopping of a Pale Ale.” Let’s see how it measures up.

Sampled a pint, on tap at Common Roots, Minneapolis.

Amber in color with cream colored 1-finger head that is initially somewhat rocky, but tightens up considerably as it diminishes. Bubbles engaged in a vigorous race to the top.

Smells lightly of honey with a hint of citrusy hops playing a supporting role. Very clean.

The first qualities I notice upon taking a drink are the fuller than expected body and the higher than expected bitterness. As asserted by Schell’s, this beer has a nice malty base, well balanced by citrusy hops.

The more I sip, the more I appreciate Hopfenmalz, and the more my tongue tingles from both the carbonation and the hops. This beer would probably be a good palate scrubber, especially for eggs or fatty foods.

I’d say that this beer lives up to its claim. Overall, Hopfenmalz a well-balanced, drinkable beer that I’ll be happy to have again when I’m in the mood for a lager, but probably won’t go out of my way to track down – although, if I make it to the 150th Anniversary celebration this autumn, I’ll most likely have several!

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