The Beerophilia Rating System

Your enjoyment of a particular beer is subjective and depends on your overall likes &amp; dislikes, flavor preferences, and even your mood at the time you taste the beer. Beerophilia’s ratings endeavor to reflect the subjective nature of beer sampling. Here’s a key to our ratings, in case you need help relating to them.<i>

<i>Love at First Sip!</i> — Self explanatory, much?
<i>Solid </i>– A good beer, recommended for your enjoyment.
<i>Okay </i>– Average; an acceptable choice if your other option is Bud or Heinekken.
<i>Not so Hot</i> — Not terrible, but may be a little defective.
<i>May not be Worth the Packaging it Came in</i> — If you don’t bother with this beer, it won’t bother you.
<i>Why the Feck Did I Buy This?</i> — Don’t do this to your taste buds under any circumstances.

<i>Growing on Me</i> — Liking it more and more over time… a measure of appreciation, NOT intoxication!
<i>Getting Over it</i> — I liked it at first, but the honeymoon is over.
<i>Plug Your Nose &amp; Go for it!</i> — For those who like funk in their beer.


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