Schell’s Barrel Aged Schmaltz’s Alt

I got a 22 ounce bottle of this at Pub 500 in Mankato, sampled from a pint glass.

According to, this beer is available in Minnesota and Iowa.

Mahogany brown, a tiny bit of liht just barely penetrates the beer. No head to speak of, despite the vigorous pour.

Lovely toasty, bready, light chocolate aroma. Cherry. Hints of molasses and some caramel. No noticeable hops. This smells fabulous!

The taste is smooth and malty sweet. Nice toasted flavors: cherry, light vanilla, and a very pleasant, barely pronounced, sourness. Light grassy hops in the aftertaste. Carbonation brings the tartness of the cherries forward with the toastiness of the oak to grace my tongue a second time. As the beer warms, more red wine flavor and tannins become apparent, brining a little pucker to my tongue.

Medium body, with moderate carbonation that feels like tiny, tiny bubbles. A little bit sticky, and then drying.

Overall, this is delicious. It may not be a traditional alt, but it is one of the best-tasting I’ve had — and certainly the best American-brewed alt I’ve had so far.

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