Brau Brothers Cream Stout

Brau Brothers Brewing Company

Style: Sweet Stout
Package: Pint glass on draft, Common Roots Cafe in Minneapolis
Rating: Okay

Pours an impenetrable dark brown-black. Two-finger head collapses in about 3 minutes, leaving a thick, cream-colored lace all along the rim of the glass.

Smells roasty and burnt coffeeish, yeasty & bready, with hints of tar and dark fruits.

Bready & yeast in the mouth, followed by some coffee. Finishes toasted rye bread. Long after everything else has faded, dark chocolate aftertaste. I’d say there is a ¾ serving of bitterness here, mainly of the roasted malt variety. No hops flavor to speak of.

The mouthfeel isn’t as creamy as I’d expect from a cream stout. It has medium body but gets sticky pretty fast. It looked full-bodied and creamy when it came to me, and the head was a beautiful off-white pillow, but unfortunately it seems to have lost that character.

Very drinkable – it may actually have gone down a bit too easy. The only obstacle to drinking more than one or two might be how sticky it feels – it’s one of those beers that makes me want to immediately brush my teeth.

This is quite drinkable,, maybe even a little too drinkable. It’s got good aroma and flavor for the style, but unfortunately the mouthfeel doesn’t measure up at all. It’s thin, sticky, and only remarkable for the fact that it isn’t at all to style. If Brau Brothers were to improve the mouthfeel, this would be a Solid beer.

Brau Cream Stout is a very approachable version of a traditional, dark beer style. Its first impression is sweet malt instead of bitter roasted malt. Subdued amounts of British hops help to define this traditional English ale. Coffee and chocolate notes are noticeable. Balance is key to this ale, as we aim to make this style consumer-friendly. This is a perfect beer for those who want the flavor of a stout without the dry astringency commonly found in stout.

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